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♨ Performances →
• Nunzia Faes
• Shawné Michaelain Holloway
• Lespetites Morts
• :-Paulalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala
• Aurorae Parker

♨ Screening →
• armpitrubber
• Organ Armani
• Adam Braffman
• jonCates
• Jennifer Chan
• Molly Hewitt
• Faith Holland
• Georges Jacotey
• Isabelle McGuire
• Sofia Moreno
• Tannaz Motevalli
• Ximena Alejandra Izquierdo Ugaz

presented by ~ ღ ~ g(URL)_FREAX ~ ღ ~ 4 ~ ★

June 6 2015
Just a Key, But it's Shining

Starring in the video works are digital actors, female pop stars, unidentified dead bodies, IRL avatars and cardboard cut-outs.

There were two 30-minute screenings throughout the night. One at 8:00 and another 9:30. Maxwell Genders DJ'd and secret cocktails were served ~ L✿✿KS were welcome!

Works by:
Jesse Clark
Will Becker
Isabelle McGuire
Kevin Carey
Brogan Drissell
Taylor Larned
Madison Jane Brotherton
Jake Vogds

Curated by Jesse Clark

June 5 2015

NO MEDIA is an open improvisational realtime/performance media art event. [dis]organized by Jason Soliday + Nick Briz + Jeff Kolar.

artists who participated:

taylor ervin
nu evil
brett ian balogh
jesse clark
mel phongsavath
adam gruba golem
justyna gorowska
gabriella hileman
cuucuu puutwa
diode milliampere
nick briz

May 30 2015

A night of video, performance and hustlin' hosted by B!TCH3Z Drinking Project @ 1-800-SPACE: CURRENCY EXXXCHANGE is s+s project’s fundraiser featuring artists from Chicago and the West Coast. This unique collaboration with B!TCH3Z Drinking Project further enhances s+s project's mission of supporting new art.

live performances by:

Project Rage Queen
Jerry Blossom
Isabelle Mcguire
Codi Suzanne Oliver
La Spacer
Keijuan Thomas
B!TCH3Z Drinking Project

presented by s+s project

April 25 2015

on january 24 we started with an empty space @ an alt location and asked people to fill it with their media.
participants were invited to bring their own screens, projectors, monitors, laptops, media players, devices, stands, pedestals, supports, headphones, cables, chords, chargers, zip ties, hair ties, etc. and their work.
participation was open to all who were interested.

Jan 24 2015
Simmered: Not Boiled

A group show exhibiting explorations in ceramics.


Daniel Zentmeyer
Cairns Smith
Charles Shields
Marissa Neuman
Heather Link
Casey Lin
Forest Leonard
Brooke Herzing
Maggie Harrington
Nathan Friedman
Eleanor Fishburn
Benjamin DeMott
Spencer Cheek
Madeleine Burns

Dec 12 2014

A night of realtime audio/visual performance


Abhijeet Rane
Adam Ludwig
Ava Threlkel
krzysztof rapnusz
Maurice Hampton :)
sarah rooney
Dena Springer
Tucker Hagge

Dec 4 2014